Brick-and-mortar retailers are under pressure due to growing e-commerce. This is sometimes taken to the extremes, stating the end of physical stores in near future. "How can I fight Amazon?" is a commonly asked question.

The definite answer is that brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay. Combining physical locations with e-commerce capabilities, we are entering to an era of customer bliss.

Sure, but what does it actually mean for retailers?

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Increasing retail store bottom line through customer service is simple

The retailer’s mantra: Giving customer what s/he wants will increase revenue.

Easy enough, until the daily nitty-gritty sets in with product orders and clearing the aisle; cash register bells and a dirty floor calling out for a mop; assigning shifts and making your team happy.

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How does wireless queue management system work between computers, tablets, mobile and smartphone.

A good wireless system can provide an easier way to manage your waiting lines with more flexibility in cost efficient way. It should also be integrated into your daily activities seamlessly.

When selecting a queue management system you should consider both your current needs and possibilities for down the line, let's say in 2 or more years. Terms like cloud based, wireless or server can be daunting but understanding what you need benefits you in long term.

In this post, we take a closer look at wireless queue management system pro’s and con’s. Lets take a look at couple of questions that will help you decide if wireless system is more suitable for you.

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Entrepreneurial people and large brands alike are testing the waters with what seems to be a new Holy Grail of retailing - a pop up shop.

Short-term stores isn’t necessarily a new thing in the retail space, but creative people and business managers both have rediscovered this format to let loose their imagination and test new concepts.

Using technology to analyze retail store success and KPI

And rightly so.

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Here is a list of 10 surprisingly simple ways to improve brick and mortar customer service. These tips help to improve your retail store team mindset and get new results in a quick and simple way.

  1. Raise your thumb in shift meetings

    Shift meetings are an easy way to set the tone for the day. There is a lot you can do in one of these huddle ups - recite sales goals, share sale tips, talk about offers on sale - the list is endless. In any case, its better to throw out the rules and have fun with this. Unfortunately we can’t all be Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday but we sure can give a thumbs up to the people we work day in and day out.


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How does your retail store experience look like? Do your customers spend time with offered products? What products do they care about?

Retail management struggles daily with these questions wanting to find out how to increase sales.

To find out what products customers would potentially be interested in means giving them the freedom to walk around the store floor. Waiting lines can be an obstacle if not managed effectively.

Simply put, queues keep people pinned to a certain spot in a room. This takes away the opportunity to spend more time by going around the room to look at additional products they could be buying.

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Add-on sales or in another words upselling, might take up a large part of the revenue a business makes. Upselling happens when a customer has already made a decision to purchase a product and is offered an additional benefit e.g. insurance, additional gadgets, etc.

Sprint Store

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Millennials are the talk of the year with more brands opening up new specialized concept stores to satisfy this market niche. Its not really news that the 19 to 29 year olds differ from their older counterparts but what does it really mean for physical store retailing?

It matters if your customer is 25 or 35 years old

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"I know this great queue coming up today past 8 PM. Lets go check it out!" - Said no one ever.

Queues can be a good sign, especially when they are long. It may mean your business is thriving. After all, a queue is a line of people who want to buy something from you. But it also may mean that you have an opportunity to increase your cash flow even more in couple of simple steps.

Qminder with personal approach

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Before Qminder, the Sprint store was more like a bank and provided an environment that was not conducive to interaction between the sales representatives and customers.

Kirby Ulmer, sales representative, says: "In the past we had stanchions and belts like in an airport, and it was like cattle. With Qminder, we have people everywhere and they’re not bunched together. They are not standing at one place like a herd of cattle."

Sprint’s goal has always been to make the stay in its store as pleasant as possible and provide the best possible customer experience.

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