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Tablet App

Let your visitors type in their name

  • Easy and affordable setup
  • Identify your visitors
  • Innovative and engaging


A modern take-a-number solution

  • Easy to configure
  • Custom messages on tickets
  • Standard paper
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Overview monitor

The TV screen will notify both visually and with a sound what number or name is called.

  • Inform your visitors to give them piece of mind
  • Set up multiple Desks for further guidance
  • Working on Samsung SmartTV’s or your existing TV’s via the web

A free smartphone application for remote queuing

Both the printer and tablet based solution work nicely with our free smartphone app

  • Let your customers wait in line from distance
  • Know who your visitors are
  • Improve your customer satisfaction

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  • "Qminder helps us to take care of customers in the order they arrived, and gives customers peace of mind from knowing they are in the queue."
    - Verizon Wireless, USA
  • "It is going fantastically! My users love the software and how we are working the lines this year."
    - Ball State University, USA
  • "Qminder was a great success at Project Homeless Connect 2013. Even our older volunteers who are less comfortable with technology found Qminder easy to navigate and use."
    - Project Homeless Connect 2013, USA
  • "I like Qminder because the interface is very simple and clear, setup configuration is also easy."
    - RE2 Int. Computer School, Ipoh, Malaysia
  • "The biggest benefit of Qminder, of course, is the Queue management, patients are happier now to learn that they have been "checked-in" instead of having anxiety worrying."
    - Smile Dental Group, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • "Qminder inside the computer classroom environment works brilliantly. Educators will find this system a God send. Its elegantly simple and really helps to manage the demands of modern students."
    - The Central Institute of Technology, Perth Western Australia
  • "With Qminder smartphone application customers can easy keep track of the queue and use their time as they wish."
    - Tele2 AB, Latvia
  • "Wait? And I don't have to do anything else myself? It just works? - That's great!"
    - The National Blood Service, Estonia
  • "We and donors are happy that Qminder supports blood donation community and provides this great solution!"
    - The National Blood Service, Latvia
  • "We love the way how Qminder is showing the Statistics. The system is easy, simple and understandable!"
    - National Courts Administration, Latvia