Queue Management software.
Placing your customers first.

Cloud based

For you, this means no servers, no hardware lease agreement and no support headaches

For All Shapes and Sizes

It can deal with any length of queue, any scope of service offered and any number of topics for customers to choose from

Fully Customizable

If you need to change your workflow or service, Qminder changes with it. Setting it up for new buttons and topics takes just a few minutes

Qminder shifts your focus from the system to the customer

  • Your customers can browse your location without worrying to miss their turn.
  • You give them peace of mind and time to take in what you have to offer.
  • You gather insights about how you use your time and resources.

Qminder gets you insights you can use from day one

  • You gather data about how your staff makes use of their time.
  • You gain insights on customer behaviour in your location and service.
  • You can tailor topics, buttons and workflow to your and your customers’ needs.

Qminder grows and changes with your needs

  • You improve and personalize the customer’s experience.
  • You can streamline topics and buttons to campaigns and even measure walk-in interest.
  • Your workflow matches your customer instead of your queue management system.
  • "Qminder helps us to take care of customers in the order they arrived, and gives customers peace of mind from knowing they are in the queue."
    - Verizon Wireless, USA
  • "I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it is to have this data and we have already been able to positively impact our business!"
    - Carrier Enterprise, USA
  • "The department director loves the statistics that have been created with the system. We were never able to track how many people we help at the public counter and now we have some good numbers to present to our City Manager."
    - City of West Hollywood, USA
  • "With Qminder smartphone application customers can easily keep track of the queue and use their time as they wish."
    - Tele2 AB, Latvia